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FAQ About Our Vehicle Repair Services

Dex-Tech Auto Service Center, located in Saginaw, MI, is your trusted destination for all your vehicle repair and maintenance needs. We understand that vehicle repair services can sometimes be confusing or overwhelming. That’s why we have provided answers to commonly asked questions and help you make informed decisions about your vehicle’s care. Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction through knowledge and expertise.

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About Our Shop

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use the manufacturer's original equipment parts in order to keep my warranty valid?

A: It is not mandatory to use manufacturer-approved parts to validate your warranty. As per law, automakers cannot insist on the use of specific parts or brands. However, our recommendation is to use quality parts sourced from reputable suppliers like CARQUEST Auto Parts, to ensure reliable performance and vehicle longevity across all parts, including brakes, exhaust, and fan belts.

What do I need to do in order to keep my vehicle's warranty in effect?

A: To keep your vehicle’s warranty valid, make sure to stick to the maintenance timeline mentioned in your vehicle’s owner manual or warranty booklet. Additionally, maintain clear and accurate records of all repairs and services performed, including the date of maintenance, parts used, mileage, and VIN. Keeping records in the logbook section of your owner’s manual is an ideal way of keeping track of maintenance history.

I have a leased vehicle. Does that mean I am responsible for maintenance?

A: Yes, even if you lease a vehicle, you are still on the hook for all maintenance and repair expenses. Failure to keep your vehicle in good working condition can lead to penalties from the leasing company.

How do I know what parts need to be replaced and when?

A: Refer to your owner’s manual for detailed information about when your vehicle should receive maintenance and what parts require servicing. In addition to following the manual’s guidance, it’s essential to understand your vehicle’s service requirements to keep your warranty valid and ensure your vehicle’s longevity.

What happens if my car needs repairs that are not regularly scheduled under the manual, such as brake jobs and other repairs?

A: As the owner of the vehicle, you are free to select the place where the repairs will be performed. However, it is best to take vehicles under warranty to authorized service centers. Be sure to refer to your warranty to see which repairs and services are covered.

How does the quality of aftermarket parts compare to original equipment parts?

A: Aftermarket parts can be as high-quality as, or even exceed original equipment parts. CARQUEST brand parts are sourced from reliable suppliers and meet or exceed manufacturers’ specifications. Some aftermarket parts manufacturers work with original equipment suppliers, which can mean that the replacement parts are identical to or better than the original equipment parts.

What are my rights with regard to warranty-related problems with the dealership?

A: If you are facing issues with a dealership with regard to warranty-related problems, reach out to the customer service department of the manufacturer and request assistance. They should be able to provide guidance and help you resolve any issues.

For any additional questions, contact Dex-Tech Auto Service Center at 989-793-8800. We’re happy to assist you!

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